Thursday, April 8, 2010

Brooke Sheilds or Betty Draper?

So babies really only come with a limited skill set. Eat, sleep, poop, cry. The Bug is no different. And she's hit a patch that the baby doctor calls a "bit of colic." I call it, alternately, "demon baby time" or "the witching hour." Whatever it is called, it goes like this: she is pleasant and cute and sleeps for blocks of time during daylight hours.

Then 10pm hits, and she yells for no good reason until around 2am. The DH tries to help with this, but google is only so useful. He does try, but he doesn't feel her crying in his body the way I do. (Stupid let down reflex; a baby cries on TV, and I spring a leak) Furthermore, he can sleep through anything and has to work in the mornings. Just to mess with me, this doesn't happen every night, just often enough to make me crazy and sleep deprived.

This leaves nights wherein I sit up with her, sometimes watching bad TV, and we both cry. I'm pretty sure that the mommy doctor would call this a case for vitamin P. And I'm not dismissing that it would be possibly useful. Nor am I pulling a Tom Cruise here and claiming that psychiatry and psychiatric drugs are a conspiracy of the evil alien overlords. (Although I would love the opportunity to spew crazy all over Matt Lauer. I've always wanted to be on TV.) Here's the thing, for me right now: I actually think that what this might call for is a drink with some girlfriends while the Bug stays at home with my husband.

So in this case, "Mother's little helper" may not be a pill. It may be my very recently acquired Medela Pump in Style Advanced so I can leave a few bottles with DH and go be a grown-up for a bit. I'm certainly going to try this before I try medication.

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  1. Um Hello! You know where Lady lives! She's been waiting for you to say this! You've seen the size of her bar!