Thursday, September 1, 2011

Probably a Bad Idea

I had the following thought today, which has been what one might call 'challenging:'

What if I just filled the little stainless water bottle with with some wine out of my box over there, packed the Bug into the stroller, and go on down to the playground? After all, it's after five.
Then I decided one of three things would happen:
  1. One of the over-achiever moms in my subdivision who are all at least perfect looking would call child protective services on me for mothering-while-drinking (like that's any better than their xanax habit, but I digress).
  2. My normally not-great filter between brain and mouth would be further impaired, and I would instruct the Bug to feel free to hit that little slide hog as much as her little heart desires. 
  3. The other moms would try to wrest the bottle from my hands and be super-jealous that they didn't think of this themselves. 
Anyway, I'm not going to try it. It's like a gazillion degrees out (I think that works out to a bagillion degrees Celsius), and anyway, the bug finds an old magazine and a stack of ancient cassette tapes just as interesting as she would the slide.

And in here, I can drink my wine in a glass.

1 comment:

  1. Just call me next time, you know I'll bring the thermos. And I'll take the fall. I'm only a cat owner and well you kinda need to drink to deal with them, so no one would call CPS (Cat protective services) on me.