Monday, December 6, 2010

The Nine Month Old

So every time the Bug goes for her check ups, our pediatrician (who we love), gives us a hand out about what she should be doing at this stage. I thought I'd share where she stands on the milestones that they outline in this month's hand out.

1. "Sits Alone"

What you can't see there is that she is actually leaning forward from the back of the crib, not just leaning on the headboard.

2. "Crawls or scoots, then pulls to standing."

The poor dog. Dude can't escape if the baby gate is up.

And the list of stuff she can mess with just tripled.

3." Picks up small objects with thumb and forefinger... and feeds self..."

What they fail to mention is how pleased she'll be with this particular skill or she will feed herself paper.

4. "Babbles 'ma ma' and 'da da' and enjoys music."

They don't mention that she will also imistate inflections and start sounding like a miniature professor.

They also don't mention that baby ninja will cut her mommy in the middle of the night as some sort of warning. (Sweat heart, if you didn't like the Turkey Vegetable puree, you could have just told me.)

Ninja baby gives her target a warning slice while the target ... on Twitpic

They suggest that she might be afraid of animals. (See above.)

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